Living Room Area Rugs

Living Room Area Rugs
Living room area rugs are one of the most popular and necessary kind of accessories. Apart from providing a great way to keep the floor space clean area rugs have evolved as a great interior accessories in modern era. Area rugs are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, color schemes and price tags.

Depending upon why you want to use an area rug in your living room you can pick from a wide variety of rugs available online and in the local marketplaces. Many times you will find area rugs being used as wall hangings instead of using them on floor. The purpose behind this is to use an area rug as a visual element than to waste it's beauty on the floor catching up dirt. In short use them as curtains but not on windows but as wall fillers.

Another use of area rugs in the living room can also be made as a false ceiling. If the living room has too much height then you can reduce it by hanging a large area rug or carpet on the sitting area in the living room. This will help to manage the volume of the sitting area as well as it will act as a sound insulator if the volume of the living room is too big.

If you want to use area rug as decorating element sin the living room then you can use them to define a particular portion of the living room such as the sitting area. The floor space in between the sofas can be covered with area rugs and the area for human movement across the sofas can be kept open. This will help in visually binding all the important living room areas together.

While purchasing area rugs for your living room there is one more very important aspect that you must always keep in mind is to locate the high human traffic areas within the living room. Why this is so important because if you have an independent unit with a backyard garden and garage then kid's will probably use these areas more often than elders and tend to travel through your living room into these areas causing dirt to enter the living room floor.

To cater such situations it becomes necessary to use special quality rugs that will help you keep the entrances clean and placing them near doors so that people can wipe their feet on them and the interior expensive floor doesn't get damaged unnecessarily.

Area rugs made of rubber are normally used in such situations because you can clean them frequently even with water and detergent and with a quality brush so that you can wipe off the mud and dirt that has been accumulated over it's surface.

Thus living room area rugs are an overlooked piece of interior design accessories and can be very creatively put to use as a inexpensive and creative alternative to other wall decor or even floor decor accessories.